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: after seven years of imprisonment blind activist chen guangcheng is now in the united states. this is brand-new video. he struck a deal with the chinese government to leave his homeland and study law at new york university. his fight for freedom sparking a diplomatic firestorm between china and the u.s. david lee miller more on this. >> it is a beautiful day in new york city especially beautiful for mr. chen, weather is perfect and he was out enjoying it. he was also enjoying something he hasn't seen a great deal of, his freedom. he came down from his apartment part of the housing for students and faculty at the campus. he spent some time in a private playground on the campus. he was using a wheelchair. he injured his right leg but for the most part he seemed to be in good spirits. he stayed 30 yards away from reporters, we were told that she not going to speak to the media and as much as possible he wanted his privacy. we were told not to take pictures of had his children. we arrived yesterday with his wife and two kids in a 13-hour flight from china. he landed at newark air
aliens returning to the united states. >> heather: jaw dropping video of an unprovoked attack on an elderly woman by a pit bulls. they are inherently dangerous animals and the ruling could impact owners of every breed of dog. >> gregg: fox news alert. the numbers are in. voters in france electing their first socialist president in two decades, francoise hollande. minutes after the polls closed. nicolas sarkozy admitted defeat. greg palkot is following it from paris with the latest. >> reporter: gregg, it was tight according to projections, only about 51% to 49% but socialist candidate francoise hollande did it beating nicolas sarkozy. we in the crowd at the very moment in front of socialist headquarters when the projections announced. take a look at what we heard and what we saw. >> it's an incredible town here. we are here on the left bank of paris after years in the political wasteland, supporters of the socialist party of francoise hollande, word has come out through the survey and polls that their man has one. listen to the crowd now. its wild scene. >> i love francoise. i
escaped house arrest is on the way to the united states. chen guangcheng has been seeking protection in the u.s. embassy for a month now. they are here with the latest on that situation. chen guangcheng hur yoiedly taken from the hospital. he and his wife and two children are aboard united airlines flight 88 as we speak. the flight is scheduled to arrive in newark, new jersey 6:30 eastern time n a written statement, state department spokesmen said we can confirm that chen guangcheng and his wife and two children departed china and are on en route to the united states and he will pursue studies in the american university. we are looking forward to his arrival in the united states later today and express the appreciation in which we resolved the matter and support mr. chen's desire to study in the united states. >> his departure harks the conclusion. he did not get passports or inform them of the details until they got to the airport. he was not happy about leave worried about retaliation against his extended family back home. guangcheng got recognition for the disabled and fighting ab
and disappearing again and sanctions that both the united states and europe put into place that have begun to take effect and take full effect this summer. but you know, just a couple of months ago, the administration's own director of national intelligence general clapper said that all the sanctions to date had not changed iran's policies on the nuclear front. that's the key. sanctions can cause economic pain and i think the most recent round is doing that, but that's not the same thing as causing iran enough pain to stop the nuclear weapons program. >> what about russia? >> they've had a mixed interest, love to sell more high end conventional weapons and already a supplier and be delighted to sell iran more commercial nuclear reactors to 1 to 2 billion dollars a copy and i think they're happy to work with iran in raising the price of international oil on global markets. they don't want iran to have nuclear weapons to be sure, but they consider that primarily an american problem. >> jamie: that's very interesting. so will our relationship with russia be fractured as a result since they'll about y
involved in community outreach projects as well. the united states chief of naval operations even up for fleet week highlighting his trip with a special reenlistment for 25 sailors, marines and coast guardsmen. we talked to the cmo. >> to do it here in new york city 11 years after 9/11 the police where so much of our country has embraced security and what it is really all about and have them commit here in new york, very special. >> so really rolling out the red carpet here in new york city. a great opportunity here at fleet week 2012 for families to come out and tour the assault vehicles as well as some of the ships here. we even spotted one little girl handing out hand made cards her and her sister put together to thank all the service members for what they do. fleet week rocking new york city until wednesday. back to you. >> we he thank you for bringing us some of the sights and sounds of fleet week. >> um-h'm. >> jamie? >>> there are serious new questions over the fate of the man who helped bring osama bin laden to justice. pakistan's motives. why did they sentence him to what is
standoff heading to the united states. what will he have to say when she safely on american soil? >> plus, raging wildfires, firefighters working around the clock, a live report on efforts to contain the flames. >> paying for the tab for securing afghanistan. is the united states getting help from the nato allies, a closer look at who is footing the bill. i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pih before. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. listen to what mvp justin verlander thinks about it. i would say the source of most of my muscle pain would be in my shoulder. my trainer kevin rand recommended it to me. i was kind of skeptical at first, but i tested it out, and bayer advanced aspirin relieved my pain fast. feeling 100% every start, every fifth day, i think definitely gives me a li
my dad realized he was going to be next republican nominee for president of the united states of america.... >> josh is the third of his five sons. he tried to calm the crowd down but was repeatedly cut short. does it spell big trouble for him to wrap up the nomination. let's bring in judith miller. founder of powell financial group and deneen borelli a fox news contributor. thanks for joining us today on this mother's day. >> i'll start with you here. what does ron paul hope to accomplish with the republican national convention and what do his supporters want? >> don't think ron paul get it. if i'm president obama sitting in the white house, i'm delighted about this. who needs to run negative ads when you have republicans beating up on republicans. if you are a republican to put whatever grievance about the front-runner aside and hang together but that is clearly not what is going on. they i understand they feel passionately but the time has come. >> ron paul says she is going all the way through to tampa. what do you think? >> i think the problem is romney. romney hasn't fou
driven by a feeling that the united states is not looking out for them. >> there is no doubt, though, that the president has undercut their position and weakened it dramatically by focusing on trying to convince the israelis not to attack iran, rather than focusing our efforts on trying to dissuade iran from continuing their development of nuclear weapons. >> reporter: iran's president, ahmadinejad will have to step down next year. it looks like he will go out on the bottom. yesterday, his supporters only won 13 of 65 available seats in the legislature. but it is important to point out that in iran, the legislature doesn't control the nuclear program. so the impact on the nuclear ambition of yesterday's event is difficult to gauge. >> thank you, peter. >> today, i signed an historic agreement between the united states and afghanistan that defines a new kind of relationship between our countries. a future in which afghans are responsible for the security of their nation and we build an equal partnership between two sovereign states. a future in which war ends and new chapter begins. >
, what would you like to know that the united states is willing to do? >> you know, israel has never asked the united states to fight its war, never. we have asked for help, for financial support. but we have never asked for an american soldier to fight our war. this is a global war. what we want is backing from the united states to know that you will be there for us. you know, the attack alone is know enough. it has to be coupled with paralyzed sanctions that tell iran you have to stop enriching uranium. they have over 130 kilograms of high-grade uranium. and these guys are telling us day in and day out, we will destroy you, we will annihilate you, so we need america to be with us. >> jamie: that's the uranium enrichment that we may know i know you have grave perspective. thank you for sharing your perspective today. >> thank you very much. >> eric: polls show the race between president obama and governor romney is tightening. the latest average shows the president's lead is less than 2 points. some political watchers say the obama campaign could be further ahead if not for what is
. they see the talks as a way to gain concessions from the europeans and the united states, relief from sanctions, acceptance of their right to enrich uranium in principle and in a variety of other things. as they drag the talks out they get closer to the west, as it has repeatedly done in the past, giving in to those demands. i think it has been a big mistake to engage in these negotiations. it simply gives iran time and gives them legitimacy and may actually bring them relief from the sanctions. >> talks in istanbul, no agreement, other talk, no agreement, and now talks in moscow, same thing? >> you have to be a theological believer in diplomacy so say we had a great success in these negotiations. what is the evidence of that? we agreed to meet again. and, in fact, reporting this morning, i think in the new york times said that the discussions at the end of this meeting in baghdad as to what the next city would be were, quote, frantic, close quote. so the fact is that the iranians once again are playing the united states and our european friends like a violin. they are getting somethi
to welcome the next president of the united states, governor mitt romney. [applause] >> romney, who is a mormon, focusing his speech mostly on faith and family and also on hard work, all in the hope of wooing that all important vote. and molly henneberg live with more on that. the largest evangelical college, i'm sure plenty in attendance wanted to hear what he had to say. give us the highlights. >> reporter: hi, jamie. governor romney didn't shy away from the gay marriage debate today, and to what is likely a conservative crowd of voters. and he told that the enduring institution of marriage has become a topic of debate, but that marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. which drew applause from the audience and romney spoke of his own family and his commitment to it. >> i've never once regretted missing a business opportunity so that i could be with my children and grandchildren. and among the things in life that can be put off, being there when it matters most isn't one of them. >> reporter: president obama steered clear of social issues today after announcing t
system is up to the challenge of trying the worst u.s. terrorist in united states history. the chairman of the house homeland security security committee, peter king, gives us his take ahead. >> president obama launching his re-election bid under what some economists are calling "dark economic clouds," the president arriving just minutes ago at columbus, ohio. last month the unemployment rate dropped to 8.1 percent, in part because many people just gave up looking for work. employers added only 115,000 jobs in the month of april. that number way down from march. so how will president obama convince americans he has done a good job turning around the economy? we bring in our political columnist and former aide to senator schumer and fox news contributor. thank you for joining us for this important day when the president will be officially kicking off the campaign in ohio. chris, right now, it is a dark economic cloud out there. what will the president have to do in terms of developing a strategy to move his campaign forward in hopes of winning re-election? >>guest: well, listen, we have
'll be the next president of the united states. a big issue for mitt romney right now is the likability imap that he has with president obama. president obama has got twea a 29-point edge. mitt romney needs to make that up. >> we'll look at that likability gap in just a second. we'll get to the swing state polls. "usa today" and gallup did one recently which has obama at 47%, romney at 45 in a number of states. within the margin of error, neck and neck. >> absolutely true. we know that when it comes down to those margin of error, you make it up with the ground forces. obama has 25 state offices in florida. they're only now in the romney campaign beginning to get in there. you'll see a new science brought to the art of campaigning for obama. you'll also see a cobt newt cony between the good times in the clinton e.r.a. and what we're trying to do in setting the course for recovery and having both obama and clinton out there instullininstilling confidence. >> this will be a very tight election. i think the ground game will be extremely important, but the reason why this is a tight election is b
is a good politician, but not a good nuclear historian. israel lie to the president of the united states about their nuclear weapons and they set up a fake nuclear control room to fool the inspectors. obviously, north korea cheated and lied. iraq cheated and lied. china was really out there. pakistan is a country that i worry about in terms of following nuclear rules. so iran is a concern. i don't think we should underplay it, but on a scale of nuclear bad boy, i don't think iran has the same challenge that pakistan and some of the other countries did over the course of a nuclear age. >> we will tell with time. we will watch wednesday as that meeting reconvenes with the talks in baghdad. dr. jim walsh. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the only person ever convict in the lockerbie bombing has died. family members of 270 victims were outraged when abdel basset al-megrahi was released from prison nearly 3 years ago. this was on so-called humanitarian grounds. he died in his home, where he was battling cancer. steve centanni has the latest. >> reporter: this is the latest chapter in a v
the hole that had been on the united states state, we had been torpedoed and we had to calk the outflow of the unenployed of the 3 million we inherited from president bush. but the key is what to do now. it's about the fact that we have had 100,000 less new startups of small businesses that create 80% of all new jobs since march the 2007, 2 years before the president took office. what we have to do is give them access to capital so they can create the new jobs. we have corporations sitting on $2 trillion of cash. our 25 biggest banks have $4 trillion in cash. $6 trillion not being invested. let them have zero capital gains tax for a small business startup because small businesses create 80% of the jobs. that's what the president should announce this week for the growth of the economy. now that we have stopped the damage with the recession, that the president inherited. >> eric: matt, do you think that will be enough? look, the banks are sitting on all of this cash, the corporations because they are afraid of the economy? >> i think joe should run for office. i like that zero capital gai
diplomatic crisis is on his way to the united states, along with his wife and two children. the first step in his new life will take place at newark, liberty international airport where chen guangchen is expected to land in just less than 30 minutes. doug mckelway is live in washington with more. doug? >> arthel, this is really the culmination of a triumph faint struggle by chen guangchen who was taking to the beijing airport unexpectedly this morning. he was not told until his arrival there that he, his wife, and two children were going to the united states on a commercial flight. it is not known whether chen will deliver remarks upon his arrival, which is expected at any time, probably within 30 minutes. early this afternoon, deputy national security advisor ben rhodes speaking from camp david offered this reaction to chen's release. >> we welcome this development and the fact he'll be able to pursue a course of study here in the united states upon his arrival. we're pleased with the efforts that have been made within our own government by the state department and with chinese authoritie
's go back here to the united states now and focus our attention on powerful storms tearing through the nation's heartland overnight. at least one tornado touching down in southern minnesota. take a look at sop of the damage here. a trail of damaged homes and farm lands and power outage. heavy rain causing flooding. the good news is, no reports of any injuries. >>> as mentioned at the top of the hour, president obama is now officially in reelection mode, in case there was any question. coming up next, we'll take a look at the challenge the president faces trying to court the all important hispanic vote amid a very hot debate over carving out a path to u.s. citizenship for those in the country illegally. >> arthel: plus, a mother and her three girls vanishing in broad daylight. who police say may have abducted them. >> rick: a big update to a story that sparked a huge public outcry. how a dying vietnam veteran fought a top airline and won, coming up when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have c
talks in vienna, starting tomorrow? joining us is the former united states ambassador to the united nations, john bolton, who is with us, every sundays, about this time. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning, glad to be with you. >> eric: six years since the u.n. security council demanded iran stop the uranium enrichment and mahmoud ahmadinejad and the mullahs, are not listening. what does it mean? >> well i think this speech today is a prelude to the negotiation with the iaea that you mentioned. i think it makes clear what iran's position is. and, i think it torques up the position, that we'll give away more and legitimize more of iran's nuclear program. and, from mahmoud ahmadinejad's point, why not? it has always worked in the past and perhaps he opens it will work this time. >> eric: and, when they start the meetings tomorrow in vienna, it may not be working? >> i'm afraid for some including the obama administration it will not get through. in the media today there are stories written by commentators and others basically describing, this is a done deal. the iranians are goin
to take out the world's most wanted man. >> this is strange alliance between united states and pakistan. we're both fighting taliban. had this for example with england or israel, even say with yemen, if we had an enemy terrorist and sent the drones they wouldn't have reacted that way. >> reporter: they voted unanimously to withhold $33 million of pakistan of year for every year he is sentenced. there is no xiags that pakistanis are considering letting him go. >> gregg: peter, thanks very much. >>> new developments now in syria, u.n. observers are heading to a region where activist claim there is a fresh bloodshed. one opposition group is saying in the last 24 hours over 100 people have been killed by forces loyal to president assad. fighting in syria has continued despite the deployment of 250 international monitors to observe a u.n. brokered cease-fire. >> iran says recent suspicions about nuclear weapons program are due to what they call, a quote, technical issue. united nations reported finding traces of enriched uranium at an underground bunker that were apparently the closest iran
with the fundamental premise and the fundamental premise is that neither the united states or the international community is going to allow iran to develop a nuclear weapon. we will do everything we can to prevent them from developing a weapon. international community has been unified. we put very tough sanctions as a result of that. we are prepared for any contingency in that part of the world, but our hope is these matters can be resolved diplomatically. >> arthel: be sure to tune in fox news sunday, chris wallace sits down with republican senator john mccain to talk about syria, pakistan as well as iran. that is fox news sunday at 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> new fallout from a reported massacre in syria. united nations security council holding an emergency meeting. the assault was one of bloodiest events in the 15-month old uprising. syrian forces killed more than 100 people, dozens of them were children under the age of ten. coner powell has more from the jerusalem bureau. >> this is one of singles most deadly days during the 15-month uprising. it appears the u.n. backed cease-fire has been aband
, the united states chief of naval operations admiral john greenert up for fleet week highlighting his troop with a special group re-enlistment for 25 sailors, marines and coast guards and a promotion for six naval officers aboard the u.s.s. wasp, we talked exclusively to the cno. >> i find it very touching and emotional in its own right. to do it here in new york city 11 years after 9/11, the place where so much of our country has embraced security and what it's really all about and to have them commit here in new york, very special. >> reporter: and new york is going to be celebrating fleet week until wednesday with a long list of fantastic events including country music star tim mcgraw giving a fantastic concert on memorial day. he's giving away 25 mortgage-free homes to needy or wounded service members. jamie, back to you. >> jamie: that deserves a lot of credit. thanks so much, anna. >> kelly: the c.i.a. remembering those lost in covert operations, the agency adding a new star to its memorial wall and more than a dozen names to its book of honor. the additions mean that the families ca
address, i'm thrilled to welcome the next president of the united states, governor mitt romney. [ applause ] >> heather: mitt romney delivering a commencement speech at liberty university a christian college in virginia. welcome to a brand-new hour. i'm heather childers. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. the presumptive presidential nominee looking for support in a key swing state. >> the american culture promotes personal responsibility. the dignity of work. the value of education. devotion to a purpose greater than it's a self and pre-eminence of family. >> greg: molly has more. >> molly: governor romney did not shy away from the gay marriage debate to what is like lay crowd of socially conservative voters. those principles he spoke about in the sound bite, he says not everyone may agree how they play out in the culture. >> as fundamental as these principles are, they may become debatable, so it is with enduring institution of marriage. marriage is the relationship between a marriage of one man and one woman president obama steered clear of social issues, saying that he is in favor of gay mar
to syria's daily shelling of its own people. the united states is condemning a bloody massacre that killed more than 100 civilians on friday. syrian leaders deny they were involved. a civil war is looming if they cannot institute a cease-fire. word that iran is planning to launch a new nuclear plant project. state television says that iran is planning to build a new plant alongside the sole exist one in a southern city, slated to be ready by early 2014. the head of the atomic energy organization says it will be a 100,000 megawatt plant. they are reporting an additional nuclear plant could be built in the coming years. world leaders left baghdad thursday without any real progress on iran and the controversial nuclear program. spoa has terrain successfully stalled once again? or is it possible that there could be a breakthrough on the horizon? gordon chang is here live from new york. gordon, thank you for your time today. we know that there isa another round of talks coming now in june. that will come before the sanctions would kick in on iran, how do you think those two competing factors ar
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of these restrictions are basically the united states and western europe tying ourselves down while china and india are expanding, their economies are growing, and they're not particularly interested in this because they see this as a restraint from their ability to go from developing countries to developed countries. the two biggest polluter polluts continue to pollute while the western economies restrain themselves while our economies don't move forward. >> why can't we do something forward? >> you can bring it to the negotiating table. very often in the more recent years when we've had global conferences about this, you have the united states and western europe asking for one thing and the recht of the developing -- the rest of the developing world saying we'll continue to try to raise living standards in our own countries. if that means we continue to increase co2, they'll continue to do that. >> finally, in terms of the astronauts and the nasa engineers and scientists, what do you see for the future in terms of this debate as it relates to them and the space program? >> well, i think right now
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about the nuclear program you will just get the attention of the united states an israel -- and israel and the others in the west and far better to have the centrifuges and lull the foreigners into a sense of complacency. >> eric: and do you think that could happen with whoever succeeds him in 2013. >> look at the last elections in the summer of 2009, they were fraud length and the ayatollah and his clique then, helped mahmoud ahmadinejad win and they'll pick another candidate and i'm sure the upcoming elections will be just as fraudulent but this time i think more likely to have some more -- someone more pliable to the religious leader's desires. >> eric: not just pliable, perhaps, does it help the iran cause not to have such a firestorm, a person who has such notoriety like mahmoud ahmadinejad has, versus someone who -- go ahead. >> i think from their perspective, there is an argument it is better to be low-key. not to say things like we want to wipe israel off the face of the earth and not to make comments that provoke concern in the u.s. and the west, drawing attention to the conti
poor people. it's $8 per gallon of gas in france. in the united states we have a get up and go culture. my ability to get my car and drive and visit someone a family member a colleague on the other side of the country is important to me. it's an essential ingredient of freedom. the other thing we're is the regular louisianaer to climate in europe is far west. they have less job growth. >> john: one last point. take us back to that moment when you were home for the weekend and you checked the youtube score? >> it was incredible. we were blown away. when i left was 265 views, by saturday it was few thousand, by sunday it had exploded and we had hundreds of thousands. you are talking to a guy a couple hundred people would watch the video. >> john: thank you ryan. >> next my take on the regulators. do they really want america to fail? >>. >> john: that popular web video we showed parts of suggest that some regulators want america to fail. now, i don't believe that. except, maybe some do, after all the environmental group earth first used to use the slogan back to the pleissene and they bel
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 58 (some duplicates have been removed)